CBRE opts for sustainable catering concept We Canteen for The Core

In February 2019, CBRE’s new office ‘The Core’ will be brought into use: a place for CBRE, customers and partners to design new, innovative working environments. CBRE’s chosen provider of a range of healthy food and drinks is We Canteen, a company with strong connections to local food entrepreneurs.

CBRE is using the insights gained from the Healthy Offices study, a collaboration with the University of Twente, to create a healthy working environment in The Core. For example, there are features that optimise the quality of air, light and water in the building and circadian lighting will be installed to keep employees’ energy levels up. People will be encouraged to keep moving, both in and around the building, and healthy food and drinks will be available.

Fresh, healthy and sustainable

Those healthy food and drink options will be provided by We Canteen, a fast-growing corporate hospitality concept. We Canteen uses local products and is fully centred on people and on the environment. Customers are offered a varied daily selection of food and drinks. The business also offers local food entrepreneurs – whose day-to-day business may include a food truck, a single-dish restaurant or a small catering firm – the opportunity to serve their specialities or world cuisine in The Core for one lunchtime a week, as an extra option in addition to the daily fare.

A fitting choice for WELL ambitions

In The Core, CBRE is aiming to achieve WELL Building Standard® certification. This internationally recognised certificate promotes the health and well-being of building users. ‘Nutrition’ is an essential component of the certification requirements, which ensure that fresh, nutritious food is available at the office. The use of any unhealthy ingredients must also be strictly limited, and the certificate encourages people to adopt a healthy eating pattern and a positive food culture.

“We Canteen is an innovative concept on the catering market, and that’s a great fit for The Core. We’re always on the lookout for entrepreneurship, and we see that characteristic in We Canteen’s sustainable ambitions and their collaboration with local entrepreneurs. We Canteen has a lot to offer this working environment in the field of healthy, tasty and novel food and drinks.”
Tim Habraken, Associate Director Sustainability
“With the development of The Core and the relocation to the Schinkelgebied, CBRE is showing that the world is changing; that new choices are being made in real estate and in our working environment. It’s inspiring to be part of that. We Canteen is a good fit for an environment where people are seeking innovation, an environment that prioritises new, sustainable and exciting choices.”
Jan-Willem de Bruijn, CCO bij D&B The Facility Group

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