CBRE releases online Global Office Occupier Guide

CBRE Group, Inc. (CBRE) today released its latest, up to date, edition of the Global Office Occupier Guide, its comprehensive reference guide on leasing practices around the world.

The Global Office Occupier Guide summarizes commercial real estate practices in 122 cities in and across 56 counties.

The CBRE Global Office Occupier Guide, produced since 2005, begins a new era as the Guide is now available as a web-based application on CBRE's global research portal—ERIX. The report is also available for mobile devices such as iPhone, whose users who can access the Guide through CBRE’s app.

“The Global Office Occupier Guide is a handy, cross-country resource on leasing practices that helps our clients and professionals navigate cross-market leasing complexities no matter what country or city around the world they’re negotiating real estate leases,” said Dr. Raymond Torto, CBRE’s Global Chief Economist. “Having a reference tool for conducting business across all of the world’s office markets is essential and having it at your fingertips via a web-based application provides a real advantage.”

For each of the markets, the Global Office Occupier Guide provides an easy-to-use, detailed chapter describing leasing attributes and protocols such as:

 Typical lease length
 Tenant improvement allocations
 Negotiation processes
 Site selection, multi-market negotiations, financial planning, risk assessments, workplace planning and other strategic planning requirements

The Global Office Occupier Guide was researched and produced by CBRE’s Global Research and Consulting team. It is available to clients and associates of CBRE via the web-based application or the CBRE iPhone app on iTunes or by contacting a CBRE professional.

CBRE was the first commercial real estate services firm with a corporate iPhone application.

Global Office Occupier Guide