Shoppers are looking for convenience and social experience

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The majority of European shoppers (88%) want a good range of retailers and an inclusive shopping experience when deciding where to shop. Cleanliness, price and convenience remain the most important factors for all consumers, but the importance of a social experience whilst shopping, continues to be of significant focus for the younger shopper (18-24 year olds), according to the major new research from global property advisor CBRE.

Social media channels continue to influence the way consumers shop with women (36%), 18-24 year olds (40%) and high income shoppers (35%) being the largest users of social media to keep up with special offers and events compared to less than a third of men, the older generation and low income consumers. However, looking at the differences in the young consumer by countries, it is interesting to see that only 24% of consumers in Germany use social media compared to 60% in of the same age group in Romania and 62% in Turkey. Men and women in Great Britain and Denmark are the least engaged when it comes to social media shopping. Young shoppers will also use a shopping centre app twice a month reflecting the need for shopping centres to become more appealing to tech savvy shoppers by investing in apps to tailor for the individual and make the shopping experience more personal.

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