9% drop in office take-up in Amsterdam


The take-up for office space in Amsterdam in 2017 was down 9% on the previous year. The take-up in 2016 was 347,000 sq. m. In 2017, the number of rented square metres dropped to 318,000. Despite this decrease, the take-up in 2017 was still above the 2012-2016 five-year average of 286,000 sq. m. This means that the rental market in Amsterdam is still thriving. These are the results of recent research by international real estate advisor CBRE.

Rudolf de Boer, Managing Director
The first effects of the shortage on the office market in Amsterdam are already visible in the take-up figures. The figures stand in contrast with other large European capital cities, where the rental of office space has increased significantly. Businesses are having difficulty finding suitable premises in Amsterdam due to the limited amount of office space available. This will put further strain on Amsterdam’s position as an international competitor, as the influx of new businesses from outside the Netherlands will decline. Additionally, businesses already located in the capital will be more inclined to look for alternatives in other large cities in The Netherlands.
Rudolf de Boer, Managing Director

Significant growth in Utrecht and The Hague

The research figures published by CBRE also show that Utrecht and The Hague are experiencing considerable growth. The take-up in Utrecht increased from 107,620 sq. m. in 2016 to 131,473 sq. m. in 2017 - an increase of 22%. The take-up in The Hague doubled. In 2016, the take-up was 54,255 sq. m., compared to 133,465 sq. m. in 2017. That is an increase of 109%.

Rudolf de Boer, Managing Director
Utrecht will continue to profit from the shortage on the office market in Amsterdam. We have recently seen Vodafone/Ziggo relocate to Utrecht from Maastricht and Amsterdam. In The Hague, the Dutch government is back on the real estate market after years of being away. This has resulted in the expansion of office space for civil servants, at the ministries in particular.
Rudolf de Boer, Managing Director

Slight increase in Rotterdam and Eindhoven

The take-up in Rotterdam increased by 6% from 85,159 sq. m. in 2016 to 90,290 sq. m. in 2017. The take-up in Eindhoven also showed a slight increase of 6%. In 2016, the take-up was 64,476 sq. m., compared to 68,455 sq. m. in 2017.

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