Heuvel Eindhoven Shopping Centre awarded BREEAM-NL Outstanding

The ambition of CBRE Global Investors to make Heuvel Eindhoven the most sustainable redeveloped shopping centre in the Netherlands has paid off. Working in collaboration with its sister organisation CBRE, responsible for shopping centre management, sustainability has been a decisive factor in all the choices that have been made during the redevelopment and for its operation. The result is a BREEAM-NL In-Use Excellent score for the "Asset" category, and an Outstanding score for the "Management" category. The score of 90.82% is the highest ever obtained for the "Management" category in the Netherlands – a unique achievement for a 25-year-old shopping centre. The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) awarded the certificate to the project team of CBRE and CBRE Global Investors at the PROVADA real estate exhibition (see photo).

During the redevelopment of Heuvel, which was completed by the end of 2015, suppliers and contractors were always asked to deliver the most sustainable alternative. Meanwhile, the shopping centre's management has aimed to gain full insight into the efficiency of the building and installations during its operation.This has led to:

  • a 32.6% reduction in electricity use and a 39.8% reduction in gas use;
  • three times the light yield with only half the original energy costs thanks to LED lights;
  • the fitting of individual water gauges, which has helped reduce water consumption by 18%;
  • the seven separated waste streams which can be optimally recycled (paper, residual waste, plastic, food waste, small chemical waste, glass, pallets and other), and individual settlement with each tenant, which has reduced the waste volume by 6%;
  • making sustainability agreements with 80% of the businesses.

The advantages of the BREEAM-NL In-Use improvement have had the following effects on the management of Heuvel:

  • the service charges have been reduced by 30% and the efficiency of its operation has improved;
  • the demand from the market for a high service level against low charges has been fulfilled, which attracts new tenants;
  • the building's operational costs have dropped as a result of more efficient use;
  • an improvement in the living, working and shopping climate for residents, visitors and staff;
  • increased awareness of corporate responsibility among investors, managers and retailers.

In addition to the NRW Marketing Prize, the nominations for the ICSC Marketing Prize and the NRW Annual Prize, the project team of CBRE and CBRE Global Investors has now also obtained a great result for sustainability. In close cooperation with its sustainability experts and the Asset Management Team of CBRE Global Investors, the CBRE Shopping Centre Management Team has completed the improvement process. Heuvel has been certified three times. In 2012 the shopping centre was awarded the BREEAM-NL In-Use Very Good certificate, in 2013 it was awarded Excellent in the "Building" category, and in 2014 it was awarded Excellent in the "Management" category.

Annemarie van Doorn, director of DGBC, which manages the BREEAM-NL quality mark: "This achievement is the result of continuous improvement, and it demonstrates the leadership of CBRE Global Investors. It sets even higher standards for improving the sustainability of existing real estate. They set an example."

The investors of CBRE Global Investors are committed to socially responsible investment. This fits seamlessly with the ambition to make Heuvel the most sustainable shopping centre in the Netherlands. The sustainability ambition of the Dutch Retail Fund (DRET) of CBRE Global Investors has been awarded a Green Star by GRESB five years in a row. According to GRESB, this makes it the most sustainable retail fund in the Netherlands since 2009, and it belongs to the 6% most sustainable funds globally.