‘Sloterdijk is reinventing itself as a lively, mixed urban area’

The new ‘UPtown Sloterdijk’ initiative visualizes this transformation

Sloterdijk is rapidly changing from a business district into a truly mixed urban area. Over the next few years, thousands of new homes, restaurants and a range of (cultural) facilities will be added to the area, and the older office buildings will be renovated in imaginative ways. All these new developments are now being brought together for the first time under the umbrella of UPtown Sloterdijk’, a new initiative involving various developers and businesses, CBRE and the City of Amsterdam.

Three times as many homes

The housing supply in Sloterdijk will triple in the coming years with the arrival of seven new residential projects, including both new-build and converted office buildings. At present, there are only 605 homes in Sloterdijk. Between 1,500 to 2,000 new homes are under development, meaning that 100,000 sq. m. of housing will be added in the next 3 to 5 years.

New leisure facilities

There will be new meeting places and initiatives in the fields of restaurants, cafés, hotels, culture, sports and entertainment – all around Sloterdijk. For example, there is a new padel court and Holland Casino opened a branch in Sloterdijk in 2018. Other facilities planned include a primary school, a supermarket, new sports facilities and children’s play areas. Sloterdijk will also form the central area of the planned ‘Port-City’, a new neighbourhood that will accommodate between 40,000 and 70,000 new homes.

New office spaces

Sloterdijk is also continuing to develop as an office district, with the arrival of new companies (such as APG, Intertrust, Body & Fit and advertising agency Wayne Parker Kent). Often, they are moving into completely renovated and modernized office buildings such as EDGE and Q-Port.

‘For years, Sloterdijk was known only as an office area,’ says Rudolf de Boer, Managing Director at real estate advisor CBRE Netherlands. ‘But due to all the recent developments and plans, that image no longer corresponds to reality. Very soon, you won’t recognize Sloterdijk at all: it is a multifunctional, modern and sustainable urban area undergoing a complete transformation. Through this initiative, we want to show people that Sloterdijk is becoming a lively, mixed urban district.’

UPtown Sloterdijk has launched a website to showcase all the new projects and initiatives in this area of the city:


About Uptown Sloterdijk

Nine parties have joined forces for UPTown Sloterdijk: APG, BPD, CBRE, EDGE, City of Amsterdam, Heijmans, NSI, Synchroon and TMG. They all have links with Sloterdijk, and they are all committed to working together on developing this part of the city.