The Hague,

Group of landmark buildings in The Hague to be transformed into exceptional office spaces

Large-scale renovation is already under way in Zeestraat, part of the city’s lively Archipel district. This historical office building, formerly owned by insurance firm Onderlinge ’s Gravenhage, has now been sold to real estate asset manager PATRIZIA together with the surrounding buildings and plots. The development consists of nine adjacent properties (some of which are interconnected) and a private courtyard garden with ample private parking. CBRE Development Services, together with architects Kentie & Partners, will transform the buildings into contemporary, sustainable office buildings that combine traditional charm with a clear vision for the future.

The historical buildings at 62 to 66B Zeestraat will be painstakingly renovated while retaining their authentic character. They each have a surface area of 500 sq. m. and will be leased separately. The buildings between Zeestraat 68 and Bazarstraat 2 will be reimagined as a single multi-tenant property that offers a modern and flexible office environment with spacious open floor areas that open onto or overlook a delightful courtyard garden. The surface area of the building will be extended to 6,500 sq. m., with a roof structure creating a loft office with fantastic garden views.

“The chance to purchase these properties was a unique opportunity,” says Hans Vermeeren, Head of Asset Management at PATRIZIA. “It offers us the opportunity to develop an office concept of 8,500 sq. m. in the heart of the city. A completely different entity compared to your regular office in a business park. We are creating premium workplaces in historical buildings and one property that dates from the 1970s. Not only that, but we plan to combine this with a contemporary setting, a high standard of service and quality facilities that meet the current needs of users. Our aim is to foster a pleasant work environment that stimulates mutual interaction, with a work café and a communal garden as places where everyone in the buildings can meet.

CBRE’s involvement in the redevelopment is focused in the Development Services department. The office rentals are being handled by CBRE Advisory & Transaction Services and COG Makelaars. “This is a special project in the heart of The Hague,” says Its Bakker, Director Development Services at CBRE. “The combination of a vibrant location with a tranquil and spacious green courtyard garden is exceptional. We are making the transition from a relatively closed office environment into an outward-looking work location with the garden as a central feature: transforming historical buildings into sustainable offices without diminishing their authentic charm. The result will be a modern, healthy working environment that allows employers to provide an attractive climate for their staff.”

CBRE Development Services selected Kentie & Partners to carry out the architectural design. The firm specialises in top-flight restoration of historical buildings and the repositioning of existing real estate. Their portfolio also includes prestigious hospitality projects. An exceptional combination that offers a seamless fit with the Zeestraat office concept. Architect Michiel Samsom of Kentie & Partners explains their approach: “We are playing to the individual strengths of each of these historical buildings with their surface area of 500 sq. m. Our aim is to breathe new live into them while cherishing their original features and returning them to their original state wherever possible. The buildings are characterised by period rooms with high ceilings and generous light. Each property will have its own private garden adjacent to the communal courtyard.”

“The 1970s building is characterised by its spacious layout; four floors of approximately 1200 sq. m. It’s the ideal property to house a dynamic large-scale multi-tenant office. The central entrance will be located on Zeestraat with a welcoming hospitality concept, meeting rooms and a coffee bar in the middle of a vibrant work café accessible to all tenants, including those from the individual historical buildings. The garden plays a vital role in the design, a way of significantly enhancing the office experience. The property will be redeveloped as sustainably as possible and finished to a very high standard, with an interior that can be adapted to the wishes of the tenant.”